3D Tattoos Jump Right Off The Skin [Pics]

3D Tattoos Jump Right Off The Skin [Pics]
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Hyperrealistic images are the latest trend in body ink.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 march 2014

Three dimensional images that make you do a double take are the latest growing trend in the art of tattooing.

More and more tattoo lovers are getting realistic and intricate 3D tattoos with details and shadows that make them seem to jump off the skin. 3D ink creates an optical illusion with shadows and contrast, making them seem very real and life-like.

Newsweek discusses how the 3D tattoo trend emerged from the realist movement in painting in an attempt to depict object in the most life-like way possible. Tattoo artists who specialize in realism very often are asked to create detailed portraits that appear to look like photographs. 3D tattoos take realism to another level with pieces that shock and awe.


Recent advancements in technology have contributed to the growth and improvement of the art of tattooing not only because of better quality pigments and equipment exist, but also because of the rising number of young artists with an educational background in the arts. And with 3D technology and imagery becoming more popular across various industries, it’s not surprising that the concept has also been embraced in the tattoo industry.

Many of the 3D tattoos we see are certainly not without their own level of shock value, but it’s clear that the trend is giving people another way to transform their skin into a canvas.





Sources: The San Francisco Times, Liberty Voice, Newsweek

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