A Startup Is Printing Customized Books Of Personal Facebook Interactions

A Startup Is Printing Customized Books Of Personal Facebook Interactions

A new service hopes to help you remember your finest chats with friends and lovers.

Rachel Pincus
  • 14 march 2014

In this day and age, sometimes the great conversations in a friendship or relationship happen over Facebook chat. Unfortunately, Facebook chat is also an ephemeral and finicky medium, prone to blip-outs and lost data, not to mention the possibility that Facebook could one day go under entirely. Email, too, is not forever. Enter Memeoirs, the book-making service based in Povo, Italy that can write the epistolary novel of your online life.

The interface for Memeoirs is incredibly simple; you can simply connect your Facebook account to the service and select the person whose conversations with you you’d like included in the book. The process is automated, so no human will pry into your love letters (the company has taken on couples as its target audience, with endearing success stories on their website of how their clients fell in love over email).

The promotional imagery for the books seems like an exchange between some very eloquent people; with many young people’s Facebook chats full of grunts and “lols,” it remains to be seen whether there will be a demand for this service yet. Still, even the less articulate exchanges can form a valuable portrait of yourself at a certain point in life that is worth saving for posterity. Other services like seem suited to the more staccato messages exchanged between young people, preserving them as scrolls instead of traditional books. TheNextWeb notes that a service called Book Of Fame that similarly documented Facebook statuses is no longer available.

The base price for a book is $40 to print a paperback and $60 for a hardcover ranging from 30-450 pages, and a mysterious “premium” option is coming soon. If this idea riles you up right away, the company, according to their Facebook, is offering 25% off orders for one week only (valid until the 21st of March at midnight PST). A secret code will be given to you at the checkout when you make your book.


Image: Memeoirs Gallery
Sources: TheNextWeb, Memeoirs Facebook


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