Dubai agency FP7 hid cellphones in fake books and sent them to creative professionals they wanted to hire.

In order to attract creatives from the country's top companies and also demonstrate what a “fun agency they are to work for,” Dubai ad agency FP7 placed mobile phones inside fake ad industry books and mailed them to creative professionals that they wanted to poach. Each “Poaching Phone” was placed inside fake industry self-help books that were custom-designed to match the target recruit's interests. The phones were also programmed with a single number, the number of FP7's executive creative director. The agency released a video about the campaign and reported that the initiative helped them save over $80,000 on headhunter fees. The agency also reported that through the campaign they were able to get four new employees on board — an art director, a design director, and a Cannes Young Lions-winning team. Check out the video below for more about the campaign.

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