Anti-Smoking Clinic Opens Up Shop Inside Minecraft [Video]

Anti-Smoking Clinic Opens Up Shop Inside Minecraft [Video]

New campaign virtually invades the game that gets more YouTube hits than Justin Bieber.

Lara Piras
  • 5 march 2014

In an attempt to get gamers to quit smoking cigarettes, Swedish organization A Non Smoking Generation have created a “fear clinic” to target the youth directly inside the environment of Minecraft, the viral, open-source and hugely successful game.


Influential gaming YouTuber Joseph Garrett gets paid to upload at least one Minecraft video a day to increase the brand’s exposure. Their most recent partnership post gained more hits than pop stars including Justin Bieber and One Direction, according to the BBC. This shows the immense reach of the game and why exactly A Non Smoking Generation decided to pursue this idea.

The team at Non Smoking Generation conducted a survey that revealed six out of ten young Swedes believe that those who start smoking do so to show they’re fearless, and ‘more than half of the young Swedes (16-25 years) do not believe that anti-smoking ads have any effect.

Ann-Therese Enarsson, Chairman of A Non Smoking Generation explains, “With the Fear Clinic we want to help young people to talk about fears, instead of hiding them behind a cigarette.” As opposed to pictures of black lungs to show the dangers of smoking effect, the Fear Clinic is available on hand every time someone logs into the game inviting them to talk about their fears with a psychologist who’s on stand-by.


The whole idea of the virtual clinic represents a novel way of integrating gaming with health initiatives and is a fresh way to target the youth without using the tiresome shock factor method.

Watch the demo video below:

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