The Aromafork is a special utensil that lets people taste new flavors through smell alone.

Many diners have a strange food combination they dare not share. Whether it’s lychee and roast beef, or pickles and strawberries, it’s unlikely that a restaurant would serve such combinations, nor are all participants at the dinner table able to stomach these mashups. The solution to this problem is now available in a way that will sate tastebuds without turning stomaches. Created by Canada-based company Molecule-R, the Aromafork uses smell to add additional tastes to our favorite dishes. Because so much of taste is based on our senses of smell (which is why food tastes different when we are congested), using smell gives this illusion of taste despite the fact that you are not ingesting any food. The fork comes with 21 different aromas, including smoke, vanilla, wasabi, cilantro, and coffee.

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