Bicycle Builds Lampshades As It’s Ridden [Pics]

Bicycle Builds Lampshades As It’s Ridden [Pics]
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Create your own custom design with 40 minutes of cycling.

Ross Brooks
  • 10 march 2014

When you invest time into a personal project, you often develop a stronger attachment to the outcome. It’s an idea which Mark Colliass, a student from Nottingham Trent University, has drawn on to create a mobile lampshade factory that is also a statement about throwaway culture. Using bio-resin, a lampshade mould, and 40 minutes of exercise – it’s easy to create your very own lighting accessory.

The process works likes this: Pour jesmonite, the bio-resin, into a lampshade mould and add a color of your choice. Secure your mould into Mark’s specially-designed rig and start to pedal. Centrifugal force will push the resin to the sides of the mould and create a hollow cylinder, which after 40 minutes of cycling will permanently set.


“The feeling of taking the lampshade out of the mould is the best experience, when you realize it has worked,” said Mark. “You definitely have this kind of personal attachment to it which you don’t get with other objects.


Unlike a store-bought item which is easy to throw away and replace, it would take a lot more willpower to throw away something you invested time and energy into making. If this idea was applied to other industries, there’s a good chance the lifespan of many products would increase significantly. Mark’s design will be on display at Nottingham Trent University’s exhibition ‘Magic Light’, which is being launched for Nottingham Light Night on February 28th.

Magic Light
Source: EPPM

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