Road Elevator Gives Cyclists A Much-Needed Push [Video]

Road Elevator Gives Cyclists A Much-Needed Push [Video]

Bicycle lift gives people even more reason to travel on two wheels.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 march 2014

People who cite steep hills as the reason they don’t cycle to work may be all out of excuses thanks to simple motorized aid called the Trampe CycloCable. It’s an idea that was first invented in the Norwegian city of Trondheim during the 90s, but has only recently been brought back to life.

To use the facility, you just have to stand astride your bicycle, put your left foot on the left pedal, and place your right foot on a steel plate located in the start station at the bottom of the hill. The CycloCable will then push you gently up the hill, building to a comfortable five feet per second.


This particular instalment of the Trampe climbs an 18% grade hill, and has a maximum capacity of 360 cyclists an hour. The cycling aid can also be extended up to 1,640 feet, which means it could quite easily find a home in different cities around the world as well.

41% of the people who have used the lift in Trondheim say they are using their bicycle more because of it. It’s not just hilly cities such as San Francisco that could benefit from the CycloCable, but any area that has deterred cyclists due to the amount of uphill cycling that has to happen to get from one point to another.

Trampe CycloCable

[h/t] TreeHugger, FastCoExist
Images: Trampe CycloCable

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