Business Card Doubles As A Mini Video Game [Video]

Business Card Doubles As A Mini Video Game [Video]
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Over nine hours of Tetris playtime are packed into the 1.6mm Arduino unit.

Ross Brooks
  • 4 march 2014

Created by Kevin Bates, “Arduboy” is an interactive business card that offers over nine hours of Tetris playtime for the lucky person who receives one. Made from simple components such as a Barebones Arduino, OLED Screen, and Piezo Speaker, the car is only 1.6mm thick, and could be the perfect way to leave a lasting impression at your next networking event.


The business card requires some assembly, but the kit is aimed at beginners, and Bates has plans to post video tutorials when he launches a Kickstarter campaign some point within the next few weeks. It would also be an excellent way to introduce kids to the art of electronics.

Apart from Tetris, there are already several games available for the Arduino platform that can be downloaded. Bates wants to host a community where people can share their own games as well. The target price is $30 for a kit, shipped anywhere in the world. There will also be a limited-edition of hand-assembled units for $50, and an even more exclusive option for $100 that will include custom artwork.


Source: Prosthetic Knowledge

Images: Kevin Bates

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