PSFK’s Trending Topic: Resurgence Of Chat Apps Stresses Human Connection

PSFK’s Trending Topic: Resurgence Of Chat Apps Stresses Human Connection

New messaging apps hope to help people connect with each other more in a highly digital world.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 27 march 2014

From a video messaging app that sends users’ facial reactions when they open a message to a social platform that brings human connection back to online shopping, chat apps are popping up left and right in order to connect people to each other and break down the digital wall we build in between ourselves.

Take a look at some of these platforms below.


Video Messaging App Captures And Sends Facial Reactions

Chat app Chatwala adds a little spontaneity to conversations by letting users record and send messages of up to 10 seconds in length. The receiver gets 10 seconds to record a reply when they open up the message. The conversation works like any text conversation. People can pick it up any time and it can go on for as long as people respond.


Shopping Platform Lets Users Chat With Each Other

In an effort to make online shopping a social activity, web and mobile platform Whisp lets users browse and shop their favorite brands and stores, as well as chat with their friends at the same time. The messaging feature allows users to consult friends about products they see on Whisp. Users can simply drag and drop product images into their chat windows to get their friends’ opinions.


Semi-Anonymous Group Chat Helps Users Talk Freely

The recently released rumr app lets friends chat anonymously with each other. In rumr, users can see the names of their friends who are in the same chat group, but participants are assigned colors instead of name tags. The app allows users to have fun with people they know or have those talks that are hard to do in person.


Messaging App Lets Users Dive Into Topics They’re Interested In

Banter is a new app that’s looking to revitalize chatrooms. Users can join chatrooms about their favorite topics. Banter users can join public rooms or start a private chat with others.

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