Chris Dancy uses over 300 trackers and services to record every data point in his life.

It seems that every day a new fitness tracking band or a new life-logging app pops up, holding our attention for a few hours before quietly retreating into the shadows of forgotten technologies. However, one man is not only harnessing hundreds of these platforms and tracking every personal data point imaginable, he’s beating the system at its own game.

Meet Chris Dancy, an IT podcast creator and software developer who many consider to be “the most connected man in the world.” Not only does he monitor his every movement with devices like Google Glass, Pebble, Fitbit Flex, and a Memoto camera, but he also tracks his dogs, his brainwaves, and his Volkswagen Touareg. A communication breakdown occurs when we’re not able to create a comprehensive overview that pools all of these data sources into one platform, and thus Dancy has developed his own system to see the big picture.

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