Leather Jacket Changes Color Depending On The Season

Leather Jacket Changes Color Depending On The Season
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10 years of research results in a stunning jacket that responds to heat.

Ross Brooks
  • 4 march 2014

Alchemy may be seen as a somewhat dark art, but one designer has demonstrated her proficiency in the trade using a leather jacket that changes color when exposed to an open flame. It has taken Lauren Bowker 10 years alongside her London Studio, The Unseen, to develop the chemical compound that makes the breathtaking reaction possible.


Covered in ridges, the jacket looks like an extremely high-tech, and streamlined spacesuit – and is so far only one of many pieces in the collection that could respond to everyday stimuli. UV rays, friction, sound, moisture, and pollution are some of the other variables that could trigger changes in your clothing. “My alchemy is searching to reveal what we don’t see, feel, hear, or know around us and making it seen,” explains Bowker.

The self-proclaimed alchemist already has one ink under her belt that changes from yellow to black based on the pollution particles, an idea that could spawn clothing which provides an immediate response to the quality of air around you. Health care and auto industries are interested in her work, and there are plenty of spin-off application to be considered – such as a layer of outerwear that can adapt to each season, and be worn all year round.

Lauren Bowker

Source: FastCoDesign

Images: Lauren Bowker

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