Travel Site Turns Deal Hunting Into A Competition

Travel Site Turns Deal Hunting Into A Competition

Voyando turns booking travel into a competition and rewards “experts” who are good at finding the best deals.

Daniela Walker
  • 10 march 2014

Voyando is a new travel site that offers help from others to find the best deals, but Voyando’s unique proposition is not necessarily that others are doing the work for you, but rather how the helpers are found.

To use Voyando, people must ‘create a competition’, where they list their travel desires (where they want to go, when, etc) and then offer a reward to whoever finds the best deal in a set amount of time. Users can set the competition to be from 1 to 4 days in length and offer up to $150 in reward to whoever gets them the best deal.

Voyando gives advice on how to decide on the reward amount:

You are awarding this fee to the travel expert who gives you the best travel proposal. The amount of the fee should depend on your travel needs. Looking for a simple direct flight from a to b? Consider 5-15 dollars. Do you have a complicated itinerary with special preferences? Consider anything from 25 dollars and up. The more you offer, the bigger your chances of getting the best deal.

What’s more – the experts are not necessarily experts, just people with time on their hands. Anyone can apply to be an expert and begin giving advice in hopes that they will win the competition. Voyando takes a 35% commission fee of the reward, and if no one can find a satisfying deal then Voyando will happily give a refund and you are back to square one, opening up Expedia once more.


Source/Image: Voyando



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