New Phone Could Connect All Your Devices Into One Synced Ecosystem [Video]

New Phone Could Connect All Your Devices Into One Synced Ecosystem [Video]

Seed is a concept that eliminates the disjointed experience of multiple devices.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 march 2014

Even though most people own a laptop, tablet, and cell phone, it’s still not that straightforward to create a streamlined experience across all three. Nick Rout, a computer engineering student from Cape Town, decided to tackle the problem with a range of docking concept devices that center around a single smartphone.

Rout explained the problem he’s trying to solve to IBTimes UK:

These devices all have different operating systems. An app might work on one and not another, your files are often scattered across them in an unorganised fashion and settings/preferences differ from device to device.

Seed not only aims to tackle the problem of a disjointed user experience, it’s an attempt to improve on poor battery performance, the high cost of owning a whole set of devices and the ever-growing concern of data security.


The one thing that Rout still needs to make Seed a reality is an operating system that can handle convergent user-interface switching. As luck would have it, Ubuntu OS has plans to offer that exact functionality at some point in the near future.

Apart from an operating system that can handle multiple devices, the success of Seed will depend on whether other big tech companies already have plans for a similar system amongst their various devices. In the meantime, there are already a number of investors interested in the idea, which would seem to suggest the docking system has some potential in the world of interconnected devices.

For a full overview of the idea, you can watch the following video:


Source: IBTimes UK

Images: Nick Rout

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