Crowdsourcing Traffic Data App Could Create A Better Bus System

Crowdsourcing Traffic Data App Could Create A Better Bus System

App uses commuter data to reshape public transport routes.

Ross Brooks
  • 13 march 2014

Ototo is an app that has already met with great success in 80 countries across the world, and now wants to try and revolutionize public transport in the US. The app analyzes information provided by riders and then offers it to transportation companies so that they can optimize their services.

From a functionality standpoint, users can log into Ototo from Facebook, connect with friends and other riders to open
up communication and share experiences, opinions, and post live updates from any troubled transit area that they encounter. Unlike current apps such as Waze for driving, Ototo doesn’t just want to draw on the crowd for information, it also wants to pass that data on to the people who can make changes, such as transport agencies and local governments.

Other features include the Smart Transit Look, which offers Riders journey timing, transit options, stations, stops and other relevant information. Ototo’s Real-Time Navigation System can also guide users step-by-step so that they know their exact location, at all times, on an easy-to-use map. Smart Fuel Saver can also help riders work out how much they save by using public transport instead of private vehicles.


The potential to influence transportation companies and shape the face of public transport within your own area is without a doubt the most powerful feature of the app. Whether or not it can actually affect change is another issue, but for the time being it’s a big idea that could go a long way towards building better cities.


Image: WanderingtheWorld via Flickr

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