New cabin class lets you innovate en-route to your next destination.

Delta Air Lines has partnered with LinkedIn to pair up various innovators on the same flight. This new program is called Innovation Class, and the first passengers were James Patten, CEO of Patten Studio, who got the chance to fly with the CEO of Pebble Technology, Eric Migicovsky. The flight from Salt Lake City to Vancouver, also happened to be headed for the 2014 TED conference.

More Innovation Classes are planned for 2014, the next of which will feature Sean Brock, an Outstanding Chef finalist for The James Beard Awards in New York City on 5th May. There will plenty of other pairings throughout the year, although none of them have been announced just yet. The idea of the project was to combine LinkedIn’s ability to build digital connections with Delta’s ability to make physical ones. Customers of Delta who are also LinkedIn members can win the opportunity to meet and fly with select industry leaders on a designated flight by applying here.

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