Lifesaver iPhone Case Alerts Emergency Services At The Press Of A Button [Video]

Lifesaver iPhone Case Alerts Emergency Services At The Press Of A Button [Video]

A new smartphone accessory allows users to safely and quickly contact help in dangerous situations.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 6 march 2014

As scary as it is, an estimated 800,000 children are abducted each year according to the FBI. Additionally, they estimate that 3 in 4 women will fall victim to a violent crime over the course of a lifetime. Personal safety can never be taken too seriously, and a new smartphone case is hoping to provide emergency assistance more quickly, to help decrease these terrifying statistics.

The Lifesaver Case is an iPhone case with a built-in switch that contacts e911 and provides vital location and personal information at the press of a button. When coupled with the Lifesaver Case App, the device sends real-time GPS updates and personal details to emergency services, all the while activating your phone’s video and microphone recording capabilities. The switch requires a simple push and slide motion to avoid being accidentally triggered, but then subtly begins transmitting data without indicating attackers of your actions.

The Lifesaver Case uses a hardwired connection to your iPhone that allows the app to run continuously, ensuring you never have to worry about activating it first.


The Case’s inspiration is a personal one for Jon Powell, the device’s co-creator, whose daughter faced potential abduction by a stranger on her way to school. The danger is one that is all too common, and Powell and his team set out to develop a more effective response. While there are products on the market with a similar aim, Powell and the Lifesaver Case team wanted something that solved the problem of reducing the time needed to contact help in a life-threatening situation.

Already roughly two years into development, the Lifesaver Case team has invested over $100,000 of their own funds into creating a functional prototype. Currently, they are crowdfunding an additional $100,000 on Indiegogo to move the project to final production capabilities. In addition to the safety features and compatibility with most iPhones, the case also offers impact resistance. The end goal is to expand into Android cases once the venture is up and running.

The case is expected to retail for around $100, but by contributing to their Indiegogo campaign backers can get their hands on one starting at $59. Currently, the campaign has raised just over $1,200 with four weeks left for funding. You can learn more about the project from the video below, and by visiting the Indiegogo page.

Sources: Indiegogo, TechCrunch

Images: Indiegogo

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