3D-Printed Tiles Give Artistic Form To Environmental Data

3D-Printed Tiles Give Artistic Form To Environmental Data

FABMOB monitors atmospheric data and provides a tangible representation of it.

Serena Chu
  • 6 march 2014

FABMOB is an atmospheric sensing device that takes surrounding environmental data and 3D prints their visual representations. The tangible atmospheric readings are shaped into small tiles called ATMOStags, which can be instant markers for information that’s not normally visible.

Sensors strapped to the device and the Ultimaker enable this digital manufacturing device to print exactly what it reads. And thanks to the Smart City microprocessor development board, the printer registers direct readings on nearby time, ambient light, temperature, noise level, humidity, CO2 levels, CO levels, and location.


Each ATMOStag tile is engraved with a distinct url, which can direct anyone who picks it up to the Smart City database and find atmospheric readings by other Smart Citizens. The goal is to place these tiles in the location in which they were generated, so people can have an open dialogue about the different relationships between data/real experience, technology/nature, science/art, and virtual/physical.


Hopefully projects such as this web-based application can help the world monitor the changes in the environment and the ongoing pollution problem.


Source: 3D Printing Industry

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