Facebook Drones Will Bring Internet Access To The Entire World [Video]

Facebook Drones Will Bring Internet Access To The Entire World [Video]

Facebook's new Connectivity Lab is working on aerial technologies that will make affordable Internet access possible around the world.

Daniela Walker
  • 31 march 2014

Facebook has announced a new department, the Connectivity Lab, which is dedicating its efforts towards developing aerial technologies to bring the internet to the entire globe, especially people in developing countries and remote areas. And what are these aerial technologies? Drones and lasers and satellites, oh my.

The Connectivity Lab is looking at the possibility of flying solar powered drones 60,000 ft in the air which will transmit internet signals down below. For lower population density areas where drones are not feasible, the Lab is looking at using satellites. Lasers enter the picture as a means of communication between the different aerial technologies.

Writes Mark Zuckerberg in Connecting the World from the Sky:

Connecting the world is one of the fundamental challenges of our time. When people have access to the internet, they can not only connect with their friends, family and communities, but they can also gain access to the tools and information to help find jobs, start businesses, access healthcare, education and financial services, and have a greater say in their societies.They get to participate in the knowledge economy

Facebook announced its involvement in the project in August of last year – an initiative that hopes to bring the internet to 5 billion people. Similarly, Google hopes to bring the internet to the remotest corners of the Earth with its Project Loon.

Watch the promo video below of Facebook’s Yael Macguire explaining the initiative below:
[h/t] CNN

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