Fake Coke Campaign Comments On The Soda Maker’s Drug Past [Pics]

Fake Coke Campaign Comments On The Soda Maker’s Drug Past [Pics]

ANIMAL New York reinterprets the soda brand's current ad campaign to be more honest.

Ross Brooks
  • 6 march 2014

One of Diet Coke’s most recent ad campaigns by Droga5 has caused a stir with the tagline “You’re on. Diet Coke.” Thanks to clever layouts, nearly everyone who has seen the ad interprets it as the more worrying catchphrase “You’re on Coke.” To expand on this theme, ANIMAL New York has created a series of posters that shine a light on the realities of cocaine use.

Coca-Cola clarified in an email to AdWeek that the campaign is meant to encourage “ambitious young achievers from all walks of life and remind them that Diet Coke is there to support them in the moments when they are at their best.” Whether it does that or not is for you to decide, but there’s no denying that the campaign also alludes to one of the company’s first recipes, which featured cocaine as an important ingredient.


“We were actually surprised by their relative edginess,” explains ANIMAL’s managing editor Marina Galperina. “It’s a high risk pun to make as a blue chip brand, but big up for embracing their roots. I mean, Coke had cocaine in it. It’s cute. We’re all adults here.”

While Coca-Cola might deny any of awareness of the (not so) secret meaning laced into the campaign, it has certainly had the effect of creating a lot of excitement. Be sure to check out the gallery below, which features some amusing interpretations of what actually happens when “you’re on.”


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