Fitness App Turns Real World Walks Into Game Moves [Pics]

Fitness App Turns Real World Walks Into Game Moves [Pics]

The Walk encourages players to walk daily in order to progress further in a mystery, promoting healthy habits without making it feel like work.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 4 march 2014

Many fitness apps rely on the user’s drive to complete sets of goals in order to function, meaning they are successful to various degrees. But the Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has funded a way to engage smartphone users into putting effort into their daily workout routine: turning steps into movement within a mystery game.

The Walk is a game app developed by Six to Start that counts a user’s steps in order to progress further in the game. The scenario begins with a fictional explosion at Inverness station, which knocks out all networks around the country. Players assume control of Walker, a character who must carry around a mysterious package. As the player walks, the further clues are unlocked as to the nature of the package, the intended recipient, and it’s ultimate destination. By unraveling the mystery slowly with unexpected twists and turns, the app is sure to keep people enthralled enough to keep them walking, and thus promotes healthy habits.


This is not the first app from Six to Start that integrated real-life walking into virtual gameplay. Run, Zombies! boasts over 600,000 players and 20 million kilometers logged online, and has spawned a sequel.

The Walk is currently available on iOS for $2.99 or £1.99 and on Android for $2.99 or £1.99.

Source: Sky News

Images: Apple

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