What Gadgets Will We Take On Space Vacations?

What Gadgets Will We Take On Space Vacations?
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Creative agency PostlerFerguson has conceived a series of objects for private galactic travel.

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 march 2014

London-based design studio PostlerFerguson, founded in 2007, has developed a number of futuristic objects for when private space travel becomes the norm. The gadgets in the ‘Personal Space‘ series, which include a circular air enhancer, a handheld light feature and a space heater, focus on elegance and comfort instead of safety.

Futuristic Gadgets Add Design Touch To Space Vacations [Pics]

PostlerFerguson believe the quality and comfort of the travel experience will undergo much of the same domestication as aviation did in the 20th century. They write:

The objects in the exhibition are future interior fittings for space stations that emphasize the sensorial experience of orbit, connecting to and sheltering from the extreme conditions of outer space. Foregrounding taste, touch and breath they anticipate new ways of living in orbit for our earthly bodies.

Click through to see images of the Personal Space objects:

Personal Space

Sources: MIT Architecture, Designboom, PostlerFerguson

Images: PostlerFerguson

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