Gallery Show Elevates The Smartwatch To An Art Medium

Gallery Show Elevates The Smartwatch To An Art Medium
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Artist Aram Bartholl creates canvases out of smartwatches.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 march 2014

German conceptual artist Aram Bartholl is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to art exhibition, evident in his widely celebrated DVD Dead Drop project from 2012. Bartholl hid a slot-loading DVD burner in the side of NYC’s Museum of the Moving Image, inviting visitors to download his latest exhibition – but only if they could find it.

Now, the artist is moving on to the smartwatch with his new show “Full Screen,” curated for XPO Gallery in Paris.


The show celebrates the evolution of the screen as a medium, from massive LED screens to the watch’s relatively tiny display. Bartholl predicts a fairly ominous future, where “screens will disappear from our view and will be replaced by laser light projecting directly on our retina.”


The works of internationally renowned artists like Ai Weiwei and Vincent Broquaire are displayed on twelve smartwatches suspended from the gallery’s walls, engaging the visitors and enabling them to interact with the art in an approachable way.

If you find yourself in Paris, you can check out the watches through April 4th.

Source: Aram Bartholl, Eyebeam
Images: @Agnesdelmotte, @Vbroquaire

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