Comical Role Reversal Points To The Sexism In Ads [Video]

Comical Role Reversal Points To The Sexism In Ads [Video]

This split-screen video emphasizes the superficiality of many media portrayals of women.

Rachel Pincus
  • 19 march 2014

Gender roles and the unrealistic standards of female beauty in the media and in advertising continue to be critiqued in a variety of creative ways, from normalized Barbies to disabled mannequins. We’re used to seeing women’s bodies (primarily) as a glorified blank slate for selling all kinds of products; men’s bodies, not so much. To comment on this phenomenon, Buzzfeed Yellow has come out with an amusing new video that re-enacts several recent TV ads with the gender roles reversed.

A Doritos commercial that ends in a romantic partner laying in bed covered in the cheesy snack, for example is made all the more ridiculous when the snack is used to cover male parts instead of ‘lady bits.’ A GoDaddy commercial that uses a male nerd and pretty female as symbols for brains and beauty is turned on its head when the woman becomes the ‘nerd.’ This reversal, in particular, points to how a woman’s only role in many commercials is to sit around and look pretty, while a man must have a specific occupation or purpose for his presence.

The team at Buzzfeed Yellow have saved the best for last; the final reversal, a beach scene, must be seen to be believed. Silly as the original was, the parody combines all the common ‘beach commercial’ tropes into something monstrously hilarious.

Of course, some Jezebel commenters seem to be expressing attraction to the men in the commercials anyway – so perhaps this commercial does little except reproduce a problem. Whatever its implications, though, it will make you laugh and make you think.

Buzzfeed Yellow
Sources: Design Taxi, Jezebel


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