A Scough is an accessory designed to filter pollution and defend against germs.

An alternative to the sterile-looking surgeon’s mask, a Scough is a scarf that filters pollution and defends against germs.

Developed in Brooklyn by “hypochondriacs for style conscious germaphobes,” the Scough looks like your typical fashionable scarf, but it is made with an activated carbon filter impregnated with silver, the same technology the military uses to protect against chemical warfare.

A Scough is basically a scarf with a removable activated carbon filter that works by trapping, neutralizing, and killing germs and viruses. The filter can last up to three months if cared for properly. The Scough team recommends owners to store the filter in a clean plastic resealable bag or airtight container when not in use. The startup doesn’t guarantee that the Scough will keep the wearer completely illness-free, but it claims to increase their chances of staying healthy and warm.

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