An Emotional Database Made Entirely Out Of GIFs

An Emotional Database Made Entirely Out Of GIFs

MIT Media Lab students create a way to find the perfect GIF every time.

Ross Brooks
  • 7 march 2014

GIFs are an excellent way to express yourself, but it’s not always that easy to find the right one, especially if you’re looking to convey a certain emotion. That’s where GIFGIF comes in, a database created by MIT Media Lab students Travis Rich and Kevin Hu that lets you search for the perfect GIF based on emotion.

The project is powered by the people that visit the site, and collects data about a visitor’s emotional reactions to more accurately organize the GIFs available so far. Data collection is straightfoward; you’re given two GIFs and asked which of them expresses a certain emotion more clearly. There are 1,024 GIFs in the database so far, all taken from the popular site Giphy.


It’s an ongoing project, with plans to add more GIFs to the site, and the pair hoping that they can present people with the perfect GIF for any situation that might arise on your journey through the interconnected world of the Internet.

“We’d love to find some data measurements that show this variation quantitatively,” they told BuzzFeed. “We would also like to answer questions like, how are angry GIFs different from sad GIFs? Why are some GIFs ambiguous while others are clear?”



Source: Yahoo

+MIT Media Lab

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