Wearable Video Game Creates A Worldwide Food Fight [Video]

Wearable Video Game Creates A Worldwide Food Fight [Video]

Mind Pirate has released a game on iPhone and Google Glass that lets people from all over the world play together.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 31 march 2014

Menlo Park, California-based wearable tech company Mind Pirate has recently released a game that’s available on both the iPhone and Google Glass.

The game, called “Global Food Fight,” simulates live food fights with cartoons and avatars and lets users have food fights with friends or just about any user from around the world.

Global Food Fight is a free-to-play three-dimensional, location-based multiplayer game that takes place in one shared game space. It lets users pelt the avatars of friends, enemies, celebrities and politicians with virtual food like bananas, cream pies, tomatoes, donuts, and more, using a slingshot. In the Google Glass version, players move their heads side to side or tilt them forward and backward to hurl the food.


The new game is the first app to be developed on Mind Pirate’s Callisto platform, a development platform that allows developers to easily create apps for wearable tech devices like smart watches and smart glasses. The company has made the platform available to third-party developers via the IdeaBOOS/Mind Pirate production lab.

Shawn Hardin, CEO of Mind Pirate, told Fast Company that they wanted to “move beyond touch-screen-only design in terms of taking advantage of location, haptic feedback, using the gyroscope, the accelerometer, the camera, and really allowing for a richer use of the device capabilities.”

The game is available on the Apple app store and on the Mind Pirate website.

Check out the promo video for the game below.

Mind Pirate
[h/t] FastCo, SFGate

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