Google Glass App Keeps Pilots Focused On The Sky [Video]

Google Glass App Keeps Pilots Focused On The Sky [Video]

Pilots from a Spanish pilot school used the device with a training app in the cockpit to demonstrate the benefits of the device.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 march 2014

Early this month two pilots from Adventia, European Collage of Aeronautics in Spain used Google Glass with a pilot training app in flight to show the benefits of the wearable device in the industry.

Adventia worked with Google developer Droiders to create the pilot training app, which was based on the surgery checklist app used in the Faculty of Medicine at Stanford University.

The pilots, Head of Training Juan Riquelme and Head of Flights Diana Rodriguez used Glass for their pre-flight checks, take-off procedures, air navigation maps, landing checklist, and final approach to fly one of Adventia’s airfcraft, a Beechcraft King Air C-90.


Based on the flight demonstration, Adventia highlighted the advantages of Google Glass in flight training and for airlines as well. One point they emphasized was safety. Pilots will be able to view flight information without the need take their hands off the aircraft controls. Adventia also pointed out that the device could help increase productivity due to real time updating of meteorological conditions, navigation lists, NOTAMs, and more.

Other benefits in terms of aeronautical training and environmental sustainability were also outlined by Adventia in a press release.

The demonstration was conducted as part of the Pilot Innovation Day and “Innovation in the Cockpit” conference organized by Adventia, which is a participating partner of the University of Salamanca.


Check out the video below to see how the pilots used Google Glass.

[h/t] Flight Club

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