Google Helps Teachers Create Interactive Learning Quizzes [Video]

Google Helps Teachers Create Interactive Learning Quizzes [Video]

Oppia is an open source platform that offers an interactive learning experience.

Serena Chu
  • 7 march 2014

Google has been redefining the purpose of technology and leveraging its applications to enhance the learning experience both in the classroom and outside of it. The company’s educational experiments have seen many helpful tools such as Google Play for Education and virtual coursework done in partnership with MOOC, but a recent development highlights an even more tech-savy route for academics. They call it Oppia.

Oppia is an open source project that offers learners and teachers an online platform where they can engage in more meaningful dialogue and receive better feedback on various educational activities, otherwise known as ‘explorations’. The system assumes the role of a mentor, and can respond to questions in greater detail. Google describes Oppia as a “smart feedback system” that can “teach a person to fish.” By giving everyone access to the collected data, the system ensures explained contents are adequate and coherent. These publishings can also be easily edited by others.


The so-called “learning paths” stem from each “teachers” anecdotal contributions, which can be in the form of numeric, text or multiple choice. Clickable maps and code evaluators could also be offered. Depending on how a learner responds to questions, the teachers can decide how to formulate their course and what is the best way to provide constructive feedback.

Though Google shared this unique project on their Open Source Blog, it is clearly noted that Oppia is not an official Google product. But the company is likely hoping that Oppia will attract developers and establish its own community for future improvements.

Below is the Oppia Tutorial video if you want to explore the idea further.


Source: TechCrunch, Google Open Source

Image: Blocksim

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