Designers Compare NYC’s Hamburgers With Various Creative Challenges [Pics]

Designers Compare NYC’s Hamburgers With Various Creative Challenges [Pics]

Artists are eating one burger a week and relating them to the obstacles and influences in their lives.

Lara Piras
  • 5 march 2014

Designers at San Francisco-based agency Mine Christopher Simmons and Nathan Sha believe that ‘there is no creative problem that can’t be solved by eating a hamburger.’ Normally designing logos, books, websites and restaurants their new project is somewhat abstract, shall we say.


Their side project “The Message Is Medium Rare,” sees the creative duo eating one burger every week for an entire year, and writing a design review for each experience where every meal poses as a metaphor for a design challenge. Simmons and Sha hit up one burger joint a week, which can be recommended by the public, or their personal choice. They both order the same thing and analyze and discuss it as they devour it, thus creating the reviews and stories.


For example, their most recent post saw the duo compare the Breakfast Burger at Roosevelt’s Tamale Parlor to the designer Alex Trochut, and talked about his work and how it influences theirs and them as designers.

The duo explain,

People often ask us where we get our inspiration, how we stay creative, and how we get ‘unstuck.’ What we’ve found is that, if you look at the world both critically and with wonder, there are lessons to be learned everywhere. Every object, experience, relationship, environment, phrase—everything—has locked inside it an insight it wants to share. The only trick is remembering to look for it.

The project, once finished, will be developed into a book revealing the in-depth stories and lessons that were learned along the way.

The Message Is Medium Rare

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