Hanging Mobile Bookshelf Takes Design Cues From Calder [Pics]

Hanging Mobile Bookshelf Takes Design Cues From Calder [Pics]
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A modern bookshelf that doubles as a piece of art.

Serena Chu
  • 3 march 2014

Storing your leisurely reads on a corner bookshelf is a good way to keep things orderly, but it is no way to replicate an imaginative reading space indoors. Instead of seeing books side-by-side with only their spins exposed, designer Kirii Gitman was inspired by the 2012 animated film “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” to create a hanging bookshelf that does away with the boringness and conventionality of common structures.

The By The Book shelf is to be mounted on the ceiling, and has metal “clips” that will secure a book in mid-air. Books displayed with this shelving alternative appear to be floating, as the metal wires are so thin that they are almost invisible when seen from afar.

For many of us who select editions based on their colorful cover art, this minimalist creation ensures that those beautiful illustrations are not tucked away out of sight.

Click through the pictures below to see how the books stack up.

Source: Yanko Design


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