Hardwood Floors Act As An Air-Purification System

Hardwood Floors Act As An Air-Purification System
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Light-activated titanium oxide keeps your home toxin-free.

Ross Brooks
  • 14 march 2014

Air purification systems have undeniable benefits, but they often mean another appliance cluttering up your home. Lauzon Flooring seems to have solved that problem with Pure Genius, beautiful hardwood flooring that is always working to breakdown airborne toxins and keep your home as fresh as possible.

The flooring uses a patented light-activated, air-purifying agent made of Titanium Dioxide, that is constantly working to break down toxic contaminants into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules. Lauzon’s website claims that it’s so effective over time, the flooring can make indoor air up to 85% cleaner.


Priscilla Bergeron, Lauzon’s Communication Manager explained that indoor air is often five to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Poor air quality in the home causes build-up of bacteria, viruses and moulds, and may lead to allergies, fatigue and respiratory problems like asthma.


Pure Genius is the result of advanced research in nanotechnology as part of a joint venture between the Swedish firm Välige and the Danish firm Photocat AB. If you needed any more reasons to buy the flooring, it can also reduce the amount of trapped odors around your house.

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