Artists Lernert & Sander's "Last Season" reduces designer knitwear into the balls of yarn from which they originated.

When high end clothing Kiki Niesten began to trade out old autumnal stock for new spring wares, they turned to Dutch artists Lernert & Sander, who took last season’s knitwear from brands Céline, Chloé, Jil Sander and Prada and deconstructed them — literally. The duo pulled each piece, unravelling the yarn and turning it back into the ball that it was originally before being knit into clothing.

The balls of yarn, called Last Season, are ‘symbols of hope and aspiration’ say the artists and will be on display in the windows of Kiki Niesten from 14 to 23 March, to celebrate Maastricht’s TEFAF art fair. Each year, the store aesthetically contributes to the fair and this year, as passersby glance in and see the yarn with luxury labels on them, they may consider how one ball of yarn can create a piece of high end fashion. See the video below of Lernert & Sander deconstructing the knitwear:

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