How Wearable Tech Can Make Dating More Enjoyable

How Wearable Tech Can Make Dating More Enjoyable
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Design interns break down barriers for first meetings using intelligent jewelry.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 march 2014

There are plenty of ways to meet people online, or connect with them on your smartphone, but meeting them face-to-face is still one of the hardest parts. To make it a more enjoyable proposition, two interns for the San Francisco design studio LUNAR, came up with some novel wearables to make the process a little more exciting and intuitive. One of the jewelry-like device buzzes when there is a compatible partner nearby, and the other lets everyone know what you’re into.

Marie Noury, the first of the interns, designed a pendant called Wizz that gathers information from all your social networks, and uses that to figure out who you might like. It uses this information to send you an alert when there is someone with the same interests in the area around you.


Toby Stopper, the second intern, came up with a charm bracelet that lets you broadcast your interests to the world around you. Various glowing charms can be combined to reflect different personalities and passions, which lets people know instantly whether or not there could be a connection.


Both of the designs are just concepts, but they are both ideas that could make it easier for people to put themselves out there. The final approach will always come down to human willpower, but if you have a piece of tech that reminds you its now or never, then it might just be enough to put you into action.

The project is part of the firm’s Moondust program, an internal exercise where senior designers present interns with a brief and ask them to come up with a product-driven solution.


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