Giant Hamster Wheel Doubles As A Two Bedroom Apartment [Video]

Giant Hamster Wheel Doubles As A Two Bedroom Apartment [Video]
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Architectural performance explores how humans interact with their environment.

Serena Chu
  • 7 march 2014

Artist Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder’s “Social Relationship Architecture Project” constructs a fascinating view on how we come into contact with our surroundings, and their newest installation further explores that idea in a giant hamster wheel dwelling space.

In Orbit is essentially a two bedroom apartment, expect one is on the inside and one on the outside. The two men have decided to call this wheel-like structure, which features all the proper home furnishings and components they would need, home for 10 days. The desk, bed, chair and kitchen are mirrored inside and out; so when one needs to change his position, the other one needs to follow suit, or else the entire wheel will be out of balance.

To perfect this architectural performance, they need to do everything in an obsessively controlled way. But in doing so, their intuitive fight or flight response continuously kept them on their toes, afraid to make any uncoordinated movements.

In Orbit can be found at the Boiler gallery in New York through April 5th. But if you want a live demonstration, March 9th is the last day the duo will be living in the giant wheel.

Source: Animal New York


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