A Japanese company has developed special conductive ink that let people draw or print their own circuit boards.

For some, a printer is a vital office accessory, while for others it can be a physical manifestation of the struggle between man and non-functioning technology. Still, the machines have been evolving at an alarming rate with the innovations of 3D printing. Still, for those looking to create circuit board AgIC Print offers them a way to do it using an ordinary ink printer.

Tokyo-based company AgIC Inc. is using conductive ink to help make printable or writable circuit boards, allowing for increased experimentation that standard bread boards don’t allow. It’s great for engineers and scientists who are creating products where they often need to make quick alterations to the boards. They can also be hand drawn with a special pen that contains conductive ink. The creators stress that the circuit printing kit is not just for those interested in science and electricity, but can also be used for family projects and art, increasing the use of this seemingly niche product.

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