Retail Platform Creates An E-Commerce Site Out Of Instagram

Retail Platform Creates An E-Commerce Site Out Of Instagram

Paytagz is a platform that helps people sell items on Instagram using hashtags and the comments.

Daniela Walker
  • 3 march 2014

Paytagz is a startup that combines the visual power of Instagram with hashtags to make it easier to sell things online, letting the social media site double as a mobile commerce platform.

Users who are looking to sell something simply take a picture of the item, post it on Instagram and include the hashtag #forsale and a price. It then gets hosted instantaneously on Paytagz for people to browse. Once you choose to purchase something, you simply send your shipping information to the seller, who then receives it along with a shipping label to streamline the entire process. Paytagz founder Kris Hamoud explained to blog Law that Paytagz is about making shopping easier:

Paytagz grabs those images and handles the card charging, shipping, fulfillment and refunds.  So, someone can browse items on Paytagz with the intent of buying something, and then I take care of all the hard stuff.

Paytagz launched in December 2013 and has had around 2500 sales with 8,751 currently registered users.


Source: Law

Images: Paytagz

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