iPhone Case Is Also A Holistic Health Tracker [Video]

iPhone Case Is Also A Holistic Health Tracker [Video]

Wello has built-in sensors that measure vitals like heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 7 march 2014

Wello is a mobile health tracker that also doubles as an iPhone cover.

Developed by Azoi, Wello has hidden sensors that can measure data like blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen level, and body temperature. It can even provide users with an electrocardiography or ECG. The health tracker measures the user’s vitals after just a few seconds of holding the device a certain way. The data is passed on to an accompanying app that is synced with the user’s phone.

According to Azoi founder and CEO Hamish Patel, the company has effectively put standard health monitoring equipment into a small and mobile case – allowing people to track their health easily and anywhere.


Wello also comes with an add-on device that lets users test their lung functions by blowing into it. The lung-tester attachment is free for a limited time when you pre-order Wello.

Wello is compatible with all iOS and Android KitKat phones with Bluetooth Low Energy. It is available as an iPhone case or as a separate insert for use with other phones. The device can last up to two months if used daily. Wello can also connect with other devices like Fitbit, and the company is working on adding more devices that can connect with the product.

The device is still pending FDA approval and can be pre-ordered for $199 via their website.


Check out the intro video of Wello below.


Source: Engadget, Gigaom

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