Japanese Rockstar Piano Duels Against His Holographic Self [Video]

Japanese Rockstar Piano Duels Against His Holographic Self [Video]

SXSW onlookers see double as a musician takes on his digital self.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 march 2014

Yoshiki is a Japanese musician with many titles to his name, but at the recent SXSW he decided to add hologram to the list as well. Onlookers would be forgiven for thinking they saw double, when the classical pianist took to the stage and went head-to-head with a holographic version of himself.

Piano duels are exciting in themselves, but when you add holographic projections to the mix, they take on a whole new form. While many may remember the holographic performance of Tupac Shakur, it was actually Yoshiki and his band X Japan that first made use of the technology during a performance in 2011.

In a departure from his usual heavy metal style, the performance is also a taster of what Yoshiki can do as a classical pianist. His first ever classical world tour begins in Costa Mesa, California on April 25th.


Source: Gizmag


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