Daily Drawings Capture The Endless Shots Of Girls On Tumblr

Daily Drawings Capture The Endless Shots Of Girls On Tumblr
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Brooklyn-based illustrator Jon Burgerman creates a unique cycle of Internet content.

Daniela Walker
  • 31 march 2014

Known for his doodle drawing aesthetic, artist Jon Burgerman, has taken to Tumblr for an ongoing internet project where he finds pictures of girls on the platform, and then draws them and puts them back on Tumblr in their doodle form.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 10.03.55 PM.png

Looking through Burgerman’s project page, Drawings of Girls on Tumblr, is like going through the many images of women who exist on Tumblr, to be reblogged over and over again. There are title such as “Rhianna and her tongue” and “A girl with a sharp jacket” amongst the mix. Burgerman explained his motivation to Cool Hunting:

It’s a mix of a variety of images of models, [girls in] adverts, celebrities, self-taken shots, etc that all borrow the same visual language from each other and hanker for the lingering gaze of the viewer. [The blog is a] visual discussion of this cultural trend.

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Look out for Jon Burgerman at our upcoming PSFK Conference 2014as he creates an interactive coloring book mural.

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Drawings of Girls on Tumblr

[h/t] Coolhunting

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