Lifelike App Companion Yawns When You Wake Up, Pants When You Run Up Stairs [Video]

Lifelike App Companion Yawns When You Wake Up, Pants When You Run Up Stairs [Video]

Nuji is a shopping app that displays lifelike expressions according to the user's activities.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 24 march 2014

London-based social commerce platform Nuji is releasing a new shopping app that comes to life and displays lifelike expressions that depends on what the user is doing.

The app is also called Nuji and when the user wakes up, it yawns; when the user runs up the stairs it runs out of breath; and when the user blows into the microphone, its hair blows back. According to the company’s press release, if Siri had a face, it might look and behave a bit like the app Nuji.


According to Nuji co-founder Dean Frankhauser, the company wanted to create a shopping app with personality and something that got people’s attention. The company wanted to do something similar to what Flipboard did to news.

He said,

Outside of fitness apps, designers haven’t really taken advantage of what makes mobile special – it’s sensors and M7 processor. We wanted to show that you can apply these incredible technologies to any type of app, even shopping.

The company decided to create a shopping app that didn’t feel too serious, and instead feels “immersive, organic and alive” to enhance the mobile shopping experience.

Frankhauser explained,

We don’t want Nuji to be just a shopping utility, rather an experience they want to have when they’re sitting on a bus and need to pass some time. Tinder did this to dating and we want to do the same for shopping.

The app works like most shopping apps. Users can browse through their favorite brands and stores, as well as save their favorite items into a wishlist. Users can also get feedback from their friends about a product by swiping left and selecting whether to send it via email or text message.


Currently, 30% of the traffic Nuji gets is from mobile users. Nuji is aiming to become the one-stop app for fashion and lifestyle.

Watch the intro video about the app below.


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