LittleBits’ Module Turns The Internet Into Its Own Building Block

LittleBits’ Module Turns The Internet Into Its Own Building Block
Design & Architecture

Simple magnetic constructions kits mean more democratized electronics

Ross Brooks
  • 20 march 2014

Even thought internet connectivity is touted by many of the latest gadgets as a key feature, it’s not actually that hard to add. littleBits, a company that designs simple electronic building kits, wants to prove it with their new Cloud Module, a building block that can easily be to incorporated into your own electrical design projects. The company wants to show people that homemade tech doesn’t have to be difficult.

Although the kits from littleBits make building your own circuit seem like child’s play, their new internet module opens up a world of possibilities.

“This module is the easiest and fastest way to create internet-connected devices. You may have heard about the Internet of Things — the concept that our everyday devices are smarter, connected to the internet, and connected to each other,” wrote CEO Ayah Bdeir in a release. “This module takes one of the biggest revolutions of our time, the internet, and turns it into a building block.”

It’s an attempt by the company to turn tinkerers into technological titans, or at least, extremely capable electrical engineers without the expensive degrees and years of training. Here’s one example that shows Reggie Watts at work with a synth made entirely from LittleBits blocks.

The Cloud Module is still in beta, but it should be live to the public before the end of the year. When it does launch, it could hopefully signal a new phase of more democratized electronics.

Source: FastCoExist, TechCrunch


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