How a city created a roadmap to a brighter future.

In 2013, the Goldhirsh Foundation launched LA 2050, an initiative to create a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles, and to drive and track progress toward that vision. LA2050 looked at the health of the region through eight key indicators and made informed projections about where Los Angeles would be in the year 2050 if the city continued operate and the people continued to live as they are now.

The Goldhirsh Foundation then launched the My LA2050 Grants Challenge for nonprofits and for-profits to apply for $1 million total in ten $100,000 awards.  The My LA2050 Grants Challenge proposals received 279 submissions from nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Collaboration was a key component of many applications, with 16 percent coming from multi-stakeholder applicants. Interestingly, 18 percent of applicants were social enterprises, offering innovative business models blending revenue generation with solutions to address the needs of our region. This indicates a trend toward the blurring of lines between nonprofit and for-profit entities, with increasing consideration of social enterprise as a route to solve social problems.

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