Discreet Office Tools Help Fans Track March Madness On The Sly

Discreet Office Tools Help Fans Track March Madness On The Sly

Basketball scores disguised as spreadsheets and other clever tools.

Ross Brooks
  • 20 march 2014

To make sure your desk job doesn’t get in the way of March Madness, Bud Light has created a toolkit that keeps you updated on all the action without your boss knowing. It’s called Mad Things Happen, and features banner ads you would actually want to look at, along with camouflaged scorekeeping spreadsheets.

First up is Mad Ads, an extension for your browser that replaces banner ads with in-game updates, and sidebar ads with Tweets straight from the tournament. This is the ideal choice for people who spend all day in their browser.

Cheat Sheet is a spreadsheet basketball fans would actually want to spend all day analyzing, especially as it’s full of live updates from whatever games are currently in progress. If your boss were to look over your shoulder, it’s unlikely they would be able to tell your score spreadsheet from the soul-destroying one assigned to you earlier that day.


Fast Break is only for the seriously committed fans, especially as it gives the impression your computer has been incapacitated by an ugly looking virus. You might need some acting skills to pull this one off, but if it means a day off, it might just be worth it.


If you’re need of a March Madness fix, but have work to contend with, then make sure to grab the tools right here.

Bud Light

Source: Mashable

Images: Bud Light, Wikipedia

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