Miniature Sushi Packs Flavor In Tiny Bites [Video]

Miniature Sushi Packs Flavor In Tiny Bites [Video]
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Japanese chef creates meals so small they can fit on a single grain of rice.

Ross Brooks
  • 12 march 2014

You would think the art of making sushi is already delicate enough, but Hironori Ikeno has created some snacks so small that they fit on a single grain of rice. It has taken him 13 years to perfect, and while this particular sushi might not offer much in the way of sustenance, it’s extremely impressive.

Each plate of sushi takes five minutes to make, compared with one for a regular dish. Regulars at the Nohachi store claim the sushi has a lot of flavor, even for it’s minisucle size. “Each grain of rice actually had quite a distinct taste,” says Hisako Okamoto.


It’s unlikely that Ikeno’s creation will start a new food revolution in Japan, but it is a unique dish perfectly suited to children, special occasions, and tourists visiting Tokyo. Even though it’s popular now, Ikeno admitted to Reuters that: “I actually started the whole thing from a joke with a customer whom I served a miniscule sushi to and I started to wonder how tiny could I make it.”

You can watch a video of the microscopic sushi being made below.

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