Collaborative Playlist Chip Revives The Old School Mixtape

Collaborative Playlist Chip Revives The Old School Mixtape
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X-II lets users add their personal touch to a song list before passing it on.

Ross Brooks
  • 27 march 2014

Getting a mixtape from a friend or someone special often makes the music a little bit more special, which can be hard to imitate with an online playlist. A new social experiment called X-II wants to recreate that experience, and hopes to offer a new way for people to discover music outside of Spotify or Pandora.

Pronounced “twelve,” X-II revolves around tapes, which means you first have to find one. When you do, just touch it to your iPhone to discover its content. It’s also possible to add songs and pictures to the tape’s 12-track playlist. Each track consists of not just a song, but also an image and the location where that track was added. Be warned, you can only add one before you hand it off to someone else, which is meant to preserve the feeling of an authentic mixtape.


Once you gift the mixtape to someone else, it’s possible to keep track of where it ends up, along with the ever-changing music that makes it onto the tape. The idea was created by the research and design lab,, who try and take a user-focused approach to networked products and digital services that make people smile. Originally hacked together in three weeks in 2012, this concept has now been fully developed as an iPhone app.



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