Touchscreen Service Helps Select Most Efficient Urban Travel Options

Touchscreen Service Helps Select Most Efficient Urban Travel Options

TransitScreen sends local mass transit options to devices in real-time to help choose the best way to get to your destination.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 4 march 2014

Most people are set in their ways, and mode of transportation is no exception. If you’re used to taking the subway, most likely you don’t even check bus schedules or the availability of Citi Bikes. But what if you’re wasting 10 minutes waiting for a crowded subway when there’s a bus coming in three?

TransitScreen is a service that sends all mass transit times and options in your area directly to any device with Wifi. The idea, according to co-founder Matt Caywood, is to help commuters choose the best travel options in real-time – even if it’s an alternative to what they’re used to.



A typical case might be you walk out through your lobby and you see whether there’s a bike-share or not…Maybe you just missed out on picking up a CitiBike, so you go to the next best plan, which is a bus. You see a bus isn’t coming for 10 minutes. So you go by subway, because it’s coming in a couple minutes.

While it is available on any Internet-enabled device – smartphones, desktop computers, kiosks, and televisions – the goal is to place screens wherever critical travel decisions are made before people start their trip. Currently, TransitScreens are mostly in use in city offices, government buildings, and commercial establishments, but the aim is to soon have them widely available in residential buildings. (Although individual sales are not yet an option).

TransitScreen began as a project of Mobility Lab, a civic initiative that encourages commuters to use public transportation. The system is currently in use in 14 major cities in the U.S. and Canada, with the hopes of spreading the word about the wide range of transportation options in metropolitan areas.


Sources: The Atlantic

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