Musician’s Heartbeat Doubles As The Beats For New Album

Musician’s Heartbeat Doubles As The Beats For New Album
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Limited-edition plantable release is a form of musical therapy and innovation

Ross Brooks
  • 3 march 2014

Greg Fox, in collaboration with master jazz drummer and holistic healer, Milford Graves, has created an album based on the various rhythms of the human heart. The album, Mitral Transmission, is designed not only as a piece of music, but also as a way for people to follow their own natural rhythms and achieve a heightened sense of wellbeing.


Fox was connected to a computer programmed installed with custom software, that was able to translate the various tempos and intensities of his heart into the raw material for new musical constructions. The album will be released on Data Garden as a digital download, and is also available as a limited edition run of “200 plantable hand-made art prints.”

Physical objects like CDs, tapes and records last far beyond their usability and possibly even our existence as a species.

That’s why Digital Garden makes their releases plantable, to try and find a compromise between digital download, and a physical product that is memorable but not excessive in nature. To promote the new album, Philadelphia’s Institute Of Contemporary Art (ICA) will also be hosting an exhibition called Personified, which allows visitors to compose their own music using the same technology that Fox used.

Greg Fox // Mitral Transmission

Source: Protein, TinyMixTapes

Images: Oscar E., Data Garden, Greg Fox

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