View From Space Reveals What’s Trending On Earth

View From Space Reveals What’s Trending On Earth

National Geographic Channel taps into different social media channels to create a hyper-connected view of our planet.

Rachel Oliner, PSFK
  • 26 march 2014

National Geographic Channel and Mullen have teamed up to create a social media experience like no other. Synched to the International Space Station, “Live From Space” follows the satellite as it circles the globe every 90 minutes and invites people to see Earth from the astronauts’ point of view.

While the experience shows how our planet looks from 260 miles above, “Live From Space” also shows what’s happening on the ground directly below the ISS. Street-level data – including what’s hot and currently trending in music, food, video, events, and more – provides a view into “all the things that make living here on Earth actually pretty great,” explains Kenji Ross, Senior Creative Technologist at Mullen.

Initially inspired by a time-lapse video of Earth out of the ISS’ windows, Ross and his team wanted to create an experience that exemplified the way in which the Internet has created a global, hyper-connected culture. Visitors can see the top trending videos in Ukraine or Malaysia, the songs topping the iTunes charts in Iran, and the most popular foods in Alaska.

“Astronauts can look at so much of the world, but they really can’t see what’s happening on the ground,” Ross tells PSFK. “One of our favorite features is the connection lines that link countries with similar interests. [You’ll] note that nearly everyone in the world is watching the “First Kiss” video, regardless or their cultural values or the language they speak.”

To get in on the action, check out the interactive map here, and “wave to the heavens” by adding #HelloFromEarth to any of your Instagram shots.

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