NBA’s Tracking Data Reveal Players’ Every Move [Video]

NBA’s Tracking Data Reveal Players’ Every Move [Video]

Fathom Information Design created visualizations based on player tracking data.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 6 march 2014

Last year the NBA announced an extension of its partnership with STATS LLC that would entail using live player tracking for all 30 teams in the league.

Fathom Information Design has gotten hold of the first set of stats and has created visualizations of the data. The company took the data from an Oklahoma City versus San Antonio game.


The data shows the positions and movement of the ball and the players during the entire game. Fathom also looked into the movements of specific players like Tim Duncan and Thabo Sefolosha.

The visualizations provide interesting insights into game behavior, as well as highlight relevant patterns like movement concentration around the 3-point mark, the areas where players tend to transition into offense, and more.



The video below shows a short clip of the game.

Fathom Information Design

Source: Gizmodo

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