If Nike Sneakers Were A Mandatory Part Of Flight Attendants’ Uniforms

If Nike Sneakers Were A Mandatory Part Of Flight Attendants’ Uniforms
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The Nike Airline Collaboration concept envisions what a partnership between Nike and some of today's top airlines would look like.

Daniela Walker
  • 31 march 2014

Let’s get this clear – no, Nike is not collaborating with airlines to offer up branded sneakers for flight attendant uniforms – but if they were, this is how art director Marco Lemcke imagines they would manifest.


Lemcke is an art director at Joint, a creative agency based in London. The Nike Airline Collaboration arose from brainstorming in the office, when the team “stumbled upon the word-play of ‘Nike Air’ and ‘airline,'” Lemcke tells PSFK. “It seemed obvious to try out how a collaboration would look.”


The results are Nike Air sneakers that are adorned with the colors and logos of well-known airlines. KLM airlines’ shoes are in their famous shade of blue, while Virgin Atlantic has just the right amount of cool factor that the brand likes to emit.

Says Lemcke:

Isn’t it fascinating how corporate colors and logos get recalled even if you see them on totally different products? Looking at it now, corporate identities and major brand collaborations could be quite an interesting thing for brands like Nike. I wonder how a mashup with a big soft drink, automotive or even a bank might look?

If there were ever a person to envision these potential collaborations, we imagine Lemcke is the man.


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